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GungHo! Pizza, online gourmet pizza delivery


You can find numerous home-delivery websites in Beijing. Couple of months ago, I discovered, the website that can deliver to your office any concert and events tickets.

I am bit hungry today so I focus on one my favorite food delivery site, Gungho! Pizza.

I highly recommend trying their pizzas anytime any days. If you live in Beijing, you may see the delivery guys wearing pink clothes and riding pink motorcycles.

The orders are done directly on their nice and cool website (that avoid long talks with the central that can’t find your address; McDonald’s style). Delivery guys are always on time, with some changes and really kind. (more…)

Travel in China –


Travel in China can be sometimes really complicated. I got several misfortunes during train trips or incredible delays during air trips.

That’s why I want to highlight today a useful website to enjoy this immense country,

This website, available in English, Korean or even Japanese, provides booking support for flights, hotels or complete packages from all major Chinese cities.


An other useful website for Beijingers –


I already presented in a previous post several websites which need to be known by expatriates who live in Beijing. I want today to add one site to this list for music fan that are not be able to speak Chinese,

It is always complicated to get one ticket for a concert or a festival in town. Dates are always published late as the schedule is often updated (change on the place, cancellation…). Tickets are available in some bars only few days before the date.

Some people got an interesting idea to help us, expatriates in Beijing: deliver these tickets to our door.

Indeed, it is possible in China to get delivery for anything that you can purchase online or by telephone: pizza, hamburgers, electronic stuff, vegetables… (more…)

Useful websites to enjoy life in Beijing


Web in ChinaThe expatriate community who lives in Beijing is becoming bigger and bigger with the opening of China to other countries in the world. The official figures said that 110 000 expatriates lives in Beijing (interns or student are not included in this survey as they stay for a limited period of time).

Including them, the number should be approximately 150 000 foreigners in town. This is still nothing in comparison to the actual Beijing population, 19 billions.

It often happens that I am the only foreigner when I go to work at my subway station or in the subway (North West of the city).

By definition, these people in community gather together in some areas in the East of the city (Sanlitun, Sanyuanqiao, Guomao…). To be able to share our common interests and needs, some people got the good idea to use Internet. Several websites for foreigners in Beijing have been opened.

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