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It’s also rainy in Beijing…


The bad weather is not only located in Europe these days. The summer in Beijing is also totally unpredictable: we got a tropical summer with heatwave, high humidity and rain every day instead of a dry summer with couple of big storms only. What’s fu***ing wrong?

I just got a concrete example tonight when I left the office; an incredible storm that I recorded with my mobile phone.


Spring is coming!


The frosty winter is finally over in Beijing after more than 3 months. The temperatures became really good this week, from approximately 0 last week during daytime, we reach 20 degrees Celsius today.



First snow fall in Beijing


Beijing city woke up this morning with an agreeable surprise, first snowflakes of the winter. :)

After several days under 0 degrees, it was bit warmer yesterday and a perfect weather for snow fall in the city. We only miss now Christmas lights in the streets (planned for this weekend) to start end of the year celebration. (more…)

The heat is ON!


Big news happened yesterday in China, the heat is ON! :)

I can tell you that it is a big change for your daily life. It is a pleasure to be warm in the bathroom or remove the 3 blankets on the bed because I was cold during nights.

I didn’t know that rule before landing in China – the Chinese heat is still in government hands. The rule was defined 50 years ago and still going on (Communism view with equality for all people). The heat in public areas, compounds or schools is turning on each year on November 15th and this for 4 months. It will be turned off on March 15th even if it is snowy or warm days. The rule is the rule! (more…)

Blue sky in Beijing! Reality or …


October is one the best period to live in Beijing. The summer warmth is gone and the first snowfall has not been announced yet.

I think that it was the first time this weekend that I was able to see the stars and the moon from a rooftop bar in Sanlitun. The sky has been really blue since few days, it is a big change compared to the heat and the air pollution during the summer time.

Sanlitun, The Village with incredible blue sky (more…)

Promising start to Spring 2011


Winter is over ! Yummi :)


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