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PostcodeHK – new expatriate daily life in HK


Lilie finally decided to leave her Parisian hipster life and start a new adventure in Hong Kong. She took her young girl and followed her husband to live in this amazing city.

She started few days after landing to write on her daily life and discoveries.

Direct access to her blog through this link:

It brought me back to my first weeks in Beijing when everything was amazing and incredible.

I suggest that you start reading her portrait to know more about this talented writer and then go smoothly around in the different sections.

Hope to see u soon Lilie! :)

香港 Hong Kong – go beyond the beaten paths


Hong Kong is well known for its famous tourist sites but during my 4 days in the Island, I got the opportunity to do other things and go beyond the beaten paths.

Street food

You should know where the locals go every day to understand their way of life. So, I decided to share same places and restaurants for my breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Open kitchen in street restaurant Usual breakfast in HK - mix between English and Chinese cultures

The food was really better than China Mainland (well cooked, not so fat) and prices were cheap in these street restaurants. It was nice to eat with locals Dim Sum, Won Tong and other noodles soups… (more…)

香港 Hong Kong – the highlights!


Skytower to the moon - Hong Kong Ferry Pier

I had the opportunity to stay 4 days in 香港, Xiānggǎng also known in the rest of the world with another name, Hong Kong at the end of December (few days before Christmas).

It was my first travel abroad China Mainland since I arrived in Beijing couple of months ago and first time in HK. It was a real pleasure to travel to this place.

I will split my travel stories in two parts to try to share my experiences in these places.

The first post will focus on the ‘must visit’ sites in Hong Kong and then I will describe in a second post some unusual places without huge amount of tourists and personal adventures.


龙年大吉 – Happy New Year


龙年大吉 – Lóng nián dàjí or 新年快乐 – Xīnnián kuàilè.

Rabbit’s Year will be over this Sunday and Dragon’s Year will start on Monday.

Ice Dragon - Happy New Year!

This is the second New Year Eve for me and a week far from China. (more…)

Hong Kong – I am coming!


A short appetizer on my travel to Hong Kong with this timelapse video found on the Net.

Timelapse HONG KONG from Dreamer317 on Vimeo.

I will go there this weekend and stay 4 days in this incredible city. More information, travel stories and lot of pictures really soon on my blog. :)

Xi’an, discovery of the city – day 1


Flowers around Xi'an Bell Tower
Xi’an (西安) is a town in middle of China in the Shaanxi province. This city is well-known in the world for its Terracotta Army. This idea to discover this UNESCO site was the main reason to plan a visit for a short weekend in August.

I was really surprised during my travel preparation to see that lot of historical events happened in this city during China history. More than 13 Emperors chose Xi’an as their Empire capital city. This first post is dedicated to the 1st day of our weekend when we focused on the city sites. Another one will be dedicated to the Terracotta Army. (more…)

MOVE – a life travel video


This video was posted one month ago and it already went around the Net several times. It is regurlarly reposted on different social networks (Facebook, Twitter…)

It lets several backpackers thinking about their own travels and gives the idea for others to discover our world…

Enjoy :)

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Train travel around China – some tips and hits to experience an incredible adventure…


End of the road - back to Beijing Railway Station

China is incredibly vast and distance between 2 cities is most likely hundreds of kilometers rather than kilometers. It is easy to travel via air to reduce time travel but it can become rapidly expensive. That’s why several travelers prefer train travel. It gives the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing and also to discuss and share experiences with locals or other travelers.

Railway is highly developed in China and the government puts lot of money to continue this fast development (with potential troubles sometimes like the recent fast train crash in July).  (more…)

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