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慕田峪 Mutianyu, another visit to the Great Wall


Sun & Autumn in MutianyuWinter is coming so I spent more time inside and I had a look at my old photo albums. I was impressed by the pictures of my latest visit to the Great Wall in 慕田峪 Mutianyu.

This site is one of the most visited after Badaling as it is not so far from Beijing City Centre. It is located on BJ North East (approximately 70km; 1h30 drive in car).

This part of the Wall was built in the middle of 6th century during the North Qi dynasty (older than Badaling section). The actual Wall, built mainly with granite, was constructed by the Ming Dynasty builders (14th century) on top of the previous wall.

It is 7-8 meters high and the top is 4–5 meters wide. (more…)

News from


logo CtripA French lady, a Ctrip representative, who recently discovered my blog, contacted me few days ago.

She read my initial blog post (French version) that presented the famous Ctrip website and suggested me to promote latest news & offers on their site.

As Ctrip helped me and other “laowais” (expatriates who live in China) to visit this amazing country, I agree to publish a new article referencing this information.

So Ctrip, what do you plan to bring to your customers in the coming weeks?

  • Fast train tickets (home delivery is the only way to receive the tickets for now in almost all major cities in China; except Beijing and Guangzhou) (more…)

香港 Hong Kong – go beyond the beaten paths


Hong Kong is well known for its famous tourist sites but during my 4 days in the Island, I got the opportunity to do other things and go beyond the beaten paths.

Street food

You should know where the locals go every day to understand their way of life. So, I decided to share same places and restaurants for my breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Open kitchen in street restaurant Usual breakfast in HK - mix between English and Chinese cultures

The food was really better than China Mainland (well cooked, not so fat) and prices were cheap in these street restaurants. It was nice to eat with locals Dim Sum, Won Tong and other noodles soups… (more…)

香港 Hong Kong – the highlights!


Skytower to the moon - Hong Kong Ferry Pier

I had the opportunity to stay 4 days in 香港, Xiānggǎng also known in the rest of the world with another name, Hong Kong at the end of December (few days before Christmas).

It was my first travel abroad China Mainland since I arrived in Beijing couple of months ago and first time in HK. It was a real pleasure to travel to this place.

I will split my travel stories in two parts to try to share my experiences in these places.

The first post will focus on the ‘must visit’ sites in Hong Kong and then I will describe in a second post some unusual places without huge amount of tourists and personal adventures.


Xi’an, discovery of the city – day 1


Flowers around Xi'an Bell Tower
Xi’an (西安) is a town in middle of China in the Shaanxi province. This city is well-known in the world for its Terracotta Army. This idea to discover this UNESCO site was the main reason to plan a visit for a short weekend in August.

I was really surprised during my travel preparation to see that lot of historical events happened in this city during China history. More than 13 Emperors chose Xi’an as their Empire capital city. This first post is dedicated to the 1st day of our weekend when we focused on the city sites. Another one will be dedicated to the Terracotta Army. (more…)

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