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黄花城 Huang Hua Cheng – New trip on the Great Wall


Renovated wall to protect against invadersI decided once again to visit the Great Wall last May during the visit of my sister and her boyfriend in Beijing. The new spot that we selected is called Huang Hua Chang, the Yellow Flower City.

As I did during my first trip, we chose a wild part of the Wall which is not officially open to tourists. This site, located 60 km North of Beijing is really nice with a big water reservoir in the bottom of the valley.

The architecture of this section is reflecting the Ming Emperors’ reigns. Chinese government started to renovate it couple of years ago but it was canceled after few months of working. The Wall is in a good shape; it allows us to walk on it without big risks. (more…)

Spring is coming!


The frosty winter is finally over in Beijing after more than 3 months. The temperatures became really good this week, from approximately 0 last week during daytime, we reach 20 degrees Celsius today.



Promising start to Spring 2011


Winter is over ! Yummi :)


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