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Beijing, a white city for Christmas…


Snow is back in our lovely Beijing city, just in time for Christmas period. This is the second time that I can see snowfall after a quick storm early this year. It is been 2 days of snowfall without interruption. The temperature is more suitable than the previous freezing winter weeks (between -5 and 0 degrees).

The snow doesn’t melt so the streets start to be totally white. Moreover, the Chinese only use straw scrubbing brushes to clean the sidewalks… :(

Bikes covered by snow Cleaner in action


万龙 Wan Long, a ski trip in China


Cold days are back in Beijing and this for a long period. It remembers me a story that I didn’t publish beginning of this year, our weekend trip to Wan Long to discover Chinese ski resort…

Winter in North China is amazingly cold but also favorable to practice one well-known activity for French, Swiss or Canadian, skiing. This sport is new in China but the country counts enough rich people for a potential development. Most popular ski resorts are located in North China, closed to the famous city of Harbin. Some small places have been opened in Beijing suburbs but most of them only contain one ski lift and 2/3 ski trails. It is good fun for an afternoon but no more…

On my way down

We were able to find a bigger station, Wan Long or 1000 Dragons (4 hours by bus north of Beijing) through a local Chinese agency. It was more simpler to go with them as they take everything in charge: transport, hotel, ski equipment… (more…)

爨底下 Cuandixia, an old village in Beijing suburbs


Cuandixia specific chinese characterMy Chinese school planned for all teachers and students a 1-day trip to visit Beijing suburbs. They chose an old local place, Cuandixia, located 90km west of Beijing.

This was a good opportunity, as I wanted to go to this local village for a long time and discover how was the local life in the past.

A bit of history before describing our trip: Cuandixia is a village that was founded by Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It counts approximately 500 traditional houses (which become today inns and restaurants).

The place is located in middle of mountains and the locals put in place some terrace fields to develop agriculture.

This location is also well known for their graffiti and slogans on houses’ walls in favor of Mao Zedong. They are part of latest real ones in China. (more…)

Harbin Ice Festival


I came to Harbin and experienced the cold Siberian weather to attend one famous event in this country, the Harbin Ice Festival. The site, outside the city, really became spectacular as soon as the sun is down and lights start to shine.

View of the Entrance door from the Park

Chinese tourists understood this and came by bus to this place around 6-7pm. The organization also noticed this and doubled the price of the entrance ticket at 5.30pm (200 Yuans). The price is the highest that I pay currently in China to visit any tourist places; it can be compared to any other tourist sites in Europe.

Anyway, this site is worth the detour. As soon as you arrived, the entrance door is approximately 30m high and glitter. That is a good start… :) (more…)

哈尔滨 Harbin, city of the North…


Lonely man in Songhua River January is well known as one of the worst month to live in north China as the wind from Siberia brings icy air.
The temperature in Beijing is rarely more than 0 degree on sunny days. How should it be to live in Northern provinces of China?

This was to answer this question that I got the idea to go to Harbin 哈尔滨 in Heilongjiang province (Black Dragon’s River). I really wanted to do this travel to be able to see the famous Ice Festival which is every year in this northern city; the cold was more a constraint than a desire…

To live a real immersion in a Chinese life, I decided to go alone and used Couchsurfing (website to find friends who can accommodate you; for free). I had the luck to find a friendly Chinese family who accept to accommodate me for the weekend. (more…)

In a fury, winter is back… for Saint Patrick’s Day…


The Winter was amazingly cold in Beijing (between -15 and -10 during 3 months) for a foreigner like me. The temperatures seemed to rise up last days. Everybody started to talk about Spring and Summer which will follow closely.

Surprise for St Patrick’s Day – Huge snow falls in Beijing!

Snow storm in Beijing

The day was already strange with an incredible fog. (more…)

First snow fall in Beijing


Beijing city woke up this morning with an agreeable surprise, first snowflakes of the winter. :)

After several days under 0 degrees, it was bit warmer yesterday and a perfect weather for snow fall in the city. We only miss now Christmas lights in the streets (planned for this weekend) to start end of the year celebration. (more…)

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