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Beijing, a white city for Christmas…


Snow is back in our lovely Beijing city, just in time for Christmas period. This is the second time that I can see snowfall after a quick storm early this year. It is been 2 days of snowfall without interruption. The temperature is more suitable than the previous freezing winter weeks (between -5 and 0 degrees).

The snow doesn’t melt so the streets start to be totally white. Moreover, the Chinese only use straw scrubbing brushes to clean the sidewalks… :(

Bikes covered by snow Cleaner in action


In a fury, winter is back… for Saint Patrick’s Day…


The Winter was amazingly cold in Beijing (between -15 and -10 during 3 months) for a foreigner like me. The temperatures seemed to rise up last days. Everybody started to talk about Spring and Summer which will follow closely.

Surprise for St Patrick’s Day – Huge snow falls in Beijing!

Snow storm in Beijing

The day was already strange with an incredible fog. (more…)

First snow fall in Beijing


Beijing city woke up this morning with an agreeable surprise, first snowflakes of the winter. :)

After several days under 0 degrees, it was bit warmer yesterday and a perfect weather for snow fall in the city. We only miss now Christmas lights in the streets (planned for this weekend) to start end of the year celebration. (more…)

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