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Working in China: How to transform F-Visa into Z-Visa?


My relation with the Chinese administration has just started in France when I got my F-Visa couple of weeks ago to land in China and start a new activity. I need now to convert it to be allowed to stay more than one month. I request a new level of accreditation, the Z-Visa, to stay and work permanently in this country.

My company prevented me before my departure and asked me to prepare administrative paperwork.

To help my readers who are potentially the next expats, I give you below the full list of documents that Chinese government requests:

  • Passport with one year validity period (more…)

Administrative procedures that we don’t must forget : 1st step – Visa


First real contact with China is now scheduled on Friday, 25th February for the Visa procedure. I have an appointment on China Visa office in Paris.

You should know that the Chinese procedure to obtain the visa is little bit complex and needs to be prepared. For your information, a really interesting website presents all details : Visa For China.

Find below the complete list of papers that I need to obtain the visa F (which allows me to work during only one month in China) :

  • Chinese application form that I need to fill in with an identity picture
  • the passport (more…)
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