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Incredible China – example 6: Chinese workers, the night gallery slaves…


Quick shot that I took last night in front of my apartment.

Workmen in middle of the night


Beijing Sideways – Beijing by night discovery


Beijing Side-car 1
I discovered a new facet of Beijing last week-end thanks to Beijing Sideways. One friend won during one of our party a 2 hours side-car tour for 2 and he kindly invited me.

We selected the night tour which drove us to some illuminated neighborhoods (CBD, Tiananmen Square…) and to some dark places where we used only side-car light to see the road. (more…)

Incredible China – Example 4: Night falls down in the middle of the afternoon…


Incredible China serie is back with a crazy weather today. Night falls down completely in the middle of the afternoon.

FYI, the picture was taken on June 23th at 4.00pm before an amazing tropical thunderstorm.

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