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万龙 Wan Long, a ski trip in China


Cold days are back in Beijing and this for a long period. It remembers me a story that I didn’t publish beginning of this year, our weekend trip to Wan Long to discover Chinese ski resort…

Winter in North China is amazingly cold but also favorable to practice one well-known activity for French, Swiss or Canadian, skiing. This sport is new in China but the country counts enough rich people for a potential development. Most popular ski resorts are located in North China, closed to the famous city of Harbin. Some small places have been opened in Beijing suburbs but most of them only contain one ski lift and 2/3 ski trails. It is good fun for an afternoon but no more…

On my way down

We were able to find a bigger station, Wan Long or 1000 Dragons (4 hours by bus north of Beijing) through a local Chinese agency. It was more simpler to go with them as they take everything in charge: transport, hotel, ski equipment… (more…)

Sichuan trip: first stop – Leshan Giant Buddha


Head of Giant BuddhaWe got couple of days off this summer and I took this opportunity with some friends to visit a famous Chinese province, Sichuan. We had big ambitions for this long weekend: Chengdu and its Panda reserve, Emei Mountain, the Sichuanese cuisine…

Our first stop was in Leshan, small city closed to Chengdu (1h30 by local bus), where we visited the famous Giant Buddha.

This Maitreya Buddha is known as the biggest stone statue in the world. It is 71m tall and 28m wide. It was directly built in the mountain. (more…)

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