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My Chinese name, 齐 儒 亮 : what is the sense?


Like every foreigners who want to work in China, I needed to find a Chinese name. My boss was keen to help me and gave me a proposal that I can’t decline.

He searched during several days for a name based on characters which are closed to my name ‘Julien’ and have a signification linked to my personality.

齐 儒 亮 (more…)

First post written in Chinese


I start today the Chinese section of my blog with the publication of the first post written with Chinese characters. After one month in Beijing, I have acquired some basics both on oral and writing.

The first post is still really simple. Find below the translation:


我叫 儒亮 (Julien) (more…)

Lost in Translation – Part 1


First post in Beijing to share my first difficulties. My post title refers to a famous film directed by Sofia Coppola where a man is completely lost in Tokyo. This is comparable to my experience on my first days here.

It is really confirmed that only few people know English in China. The Language Great Wall is on each street corner.

I took some pictures in the streets to illustrate my new daily life. (more…)

Learning some Chinese key phrases…


A small part of Chinese population can speak English today. The % evolves quickly with the new generations but you need to know that it is really complicated to live in Shanghai or Beijing without speaking Chinese Mandarin.

To break the language ‘Great Wall’, I have started couple of weeks ago to look at the Chinese language with different teaching aids (podcasts, learning online lessons, some books for ‘dummies’…). Learning a new language is not easy as you may know. This is also true and confirmed for Chinese. (more…)

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