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Happy Horse Year! 马年来啦!


Funny video with the adorable creatures from the Despicable Me movie.

马年来啦!(Ma Nian Lai La) :)

马上快乐 (Ma Shang Kuai Le) – Happy Horse Year!

News from


logo CtripA French lady, a Ctrip representative, who recently discovered my blog, contacted me few days ago.

She read my initial blog post (French version) that presented the famous Ctrip website and suggested me to promote latest news & offers on their site.

As Ctrip helped me and other “laowais” (expatriates who live in China) to visit this amazing country, I agree to publish a new article referencing this information.

So Ctrip, what do you plan to bring to your customers in the coming weeks?

  • Fast train tickets (home delivery is the only way to receive the tickets for now in almost all major cities in China; except Beijing and Guangzhou) (more…)

QingMing Festival – 7 working days in-a-row…


China government has a really strange way to manage festival and holidays. If public holidays are during weekdays, people should go to work during the previous weekends.

For example, next week will be Qīngmíng Jié 清明节 (Grave Sweeping Festival, equivalent to our All Saints’ Day in Europe) to honor friends and family members who have passed.

To be able to rest during 3 days in-a-row, we need in my company to work March 31st and April 1st which are a Saturday and a Sunday; we have currently a 7 working days week.

Each Chinese enterprise and public service should follow this rule from the government; some particular cases are managed for foreign companies.

It will be for me a First time… Working on Saturday and Sunday, what an idea… :(

Back from Holidays with some news :)


September is the “back-to-school” month for lot of students but it is also the time to go home for me. After few days off in Europe with my friends and family, I am back in Beijing and continue to update my blog.

You can now access to “flagship” posts from the homepage top navigation bar. Some photos are displayed and are linked to these specific posts. The right navigation bar has also been updated with some new widgets (Twitter, Flickr or Language selector).

As soon as my Macbook is repaired, I will publish new articles and new pictures to present you all my discoveries in this country…. :)

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