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Incredible China – example 23: heat in the factory!


Winter is coming but temperatures are still high in Southern China. One of my friends just sent me couple of pictures from his industry.

The workers decided to implement their own air conditioning system to reduce the incredible heat inside their factory; ice in a bucket.

Air conditioning in a factory


The heat is ON!


Big news happened yesterday in China, the heat is ON! :)

I can tell you that it is a big change for your daily life. It is a pleasure to be warm in the bathroom or remove the 3 blankets on the bed because I was cold during nights.

I didn’t know that rule before landing in China – the Chinese heat is still in government hands. The rule was defined 50 years ago and still going on (Communism view with equality for all people). The heat in public areas, compounds or schools is turning on each year on November 15th and this for 4 months. It will be turned off on March 15th even if it is snowy or warm days. The rule is the rule! (more…)

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