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Incredible China – example 8: Chinese Ice Cream…


China cooking is well known around the world but they still have a gap when you look for dessert. Two possibilites are available: fruit or ice cream.

I initially discovered some really strange flavors like green beans or sugar ice creams but I found new thing during this lunch, ice cream in an individual box.


Back to Beijing after one week in France…


A quick post to comment my short travel to France last week… few days in Paris for work and long week-end in Alsace for leisure :)

It was really good to rediscover French gastronomy – the food is and will be the real problem of a French expat in Asia. :( Bread, Cheese, meat and red wine, happiness can be really simple sometimes!

A big thanks to all available friends in middle of July who I met quickly during lunches or dinners. For the others, be sure that you are on my top priority list. Next travel in Europe is planned for August with a marriage in Portugal and some days in French South-west coast.

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