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Jingshan Park – 景山公园


Rabbits sculpture in Jingshan Jingshan Gongyuan ( 景山公园) is one of my favorite destinations in this big city called Beijing. This park is not well known across the tourists as it is not flagged on tourist guides compared to the neighboorhood parks of Beihai or Houhai.

This visit is often included in a triptych Tiananmen – Forbidden City – Jingshan. After several hours walking on Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, they often skipped this place.

This is unfortunate as this park got a specific atmosphere and you can discover easily Chinese culture and practices. I often met some traditional music bands, some people practicing Taishi or other Chinese sports and some chorals who sing old Chinese songs.

Chinese particular architecture in Temple Old people playing Shuttlecock, typical chinese game


Incredible China – example 5: soldier in front of the Forbidden City


Quick shot in front of the Forbidden City taken during a walk in Tianenmen Square.

Soldier in front of Forbidden City with his own umbrella


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