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A letter, a word – G for… Guoan


Guoan… Beijing Guoan… Beijing Guoan… This song is what you can hear when you go to Gongti (Worker’s Stadium in English) to see a football game.

Beijing Guoan (北京国安) is Beijing local team who plays in Chinese League 1. This club was founded in 1992. It is regularly in top3 ranking but without winning lot of competitions (league, cups…) even if a big founding capital company is main sponsor.

I had the chance to go several times to Gongti to see a CSL game (Chinese League). Players’ skills are quite low but the ambiance is amazing. For safety reasons, Stadium is limited to 55 000 persons even it was built for more than 70 000. Even so, the spectacle is astonishing. (more…)

Expat daily life – why is it so special to live in a foreign country?


An expat life is always special thanks to new people that you can meet every day. A short story about last Sunday: we played football with several foreigners then some gathered altogether.

Several players decided to have lunch together in a nice place after our tournament. Around my table, we were approximately 10 persons: 2 French (including me), 2 Danish, 1 Swedish, 1 Romanian, 1 Finish and 2 Brits. What a cosmopolite mix in Beijing, China!

It was a really interesting afternoon where we addressed the common topics (football, our different lifes and experiences in China) but some other unconventional topics have also been raised (Politics in Northern Europe Countries, night life in Romania…) (more…)

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