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灌饼 Guan Bing, the Chinese breakfast


Zoom today on street food with the common Chinese breakfast: 鸡蛋灌饼, JiDanGuanBing or GuanBing, one crepe with a egg, some herbs and a spicy sauce to give some taste.

Find below a word-by-word explanation of the name:

  • Ji: chicken
  • Dan: egg
  • Guan: to close or to pour (though this should be changed to ‘super yummy’)
  • Bing: breakfast type wrap

This breakfast is really common across China, it is often that GuanBing vendors are outside subway exits to sell their products. (more…)

香港 Hong Kong – go beyond the beaten paths


Hong Kong is well known for its famous tourist sites but during my 4 days in the Island, I got the opportunity to do other things and go beyond the beaten paths.

Street food

You should know where the locals go every day to understand their way of life. So, I decided to share same places and restaurants for my breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

Open kitchen in street restaurant Usual breakfast in HK - mix between English and Chinese cultures

The food was really better than China Mainland (well cooked, not so fat) and prices were cheap in these street restaurants. It was nice to eat with locals Dim Sum, Won Tong and other noodles soups… (more…)

Incredible China – example 8: Chinese Ice Cream…


China cooking is well known around the world but they still have a gap when you look for dessert. Two possibilites are available: fruit or ice cream.

I initially discovered some really strange flavors like green beans or sugar ice creams but I found new thing during this lunch, ice cream in an individual box.


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