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D-Day – 7


My last week in Paris has just started… I will be in the plane exactly in 7 days to start a new experience in Beijing !

More news on the Chinese wold as soon as I land and find an Internet connexion :).



D-day – 3 weeks


The departure day is now really soon. I am still on the things to prepare although lot of stuff are already done.

I need to handle 2 majors topics on my initial todo list :

  • Insurance : I need to fill in the paperwork
  • Moving from my flat

Everything else is now ok ! :) Come back in few days for my latest words in France and the first days in Beijing…


D-Day – 2 months


The departure is now scheduled. I will leave France to start a new job in China in 2 months.

A lot of things to handle untill this date which were noted in my first todo list (visa, insurance…) at which I can add lot of new things…

Tension is getting higher untill the final rush days…

Todo list – things to prepare before starting an expat life…


My expat life will start soon. My departure to Beijing is now scheduled in 3 months. Time will move really fast and latest days before boarding into the plane will be intense.

In order to forget only few things when I will leave, I try to create a ToDo list and follow their status (done / on-going / to do). Find below the major points that I already write on this list :

  • Find a new job in China : done
  • Leave my current job : on-going
  • Book the plane ticket : done (more…)
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