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Happy Year of the Goat!


mmexport1424285205368羊年大吉 – Yáng nián dàjí

The year of the Horse is now over. 2015 is a year of the “Goat” according to the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac.

Happy holidays to all my Chinese friends who enjoy this break with their families!

Note: My post was not published as scheduled by me on WordPress for the CNY… only 2 months later :(



Memrise, a simple way to learn Chinese


Memrise logoThere is not particular secret or any magic formula to learn a new language.

Key points are often the same for any languages:

  • Motivation: some people are moving backward as soon as they need to go to their language classroom
  • Leave in the country : is it really possible to learn French from the US?
  • Have a good teacher and go to the courses
  • Define personal challenges: official exam, usage in the enterprise…

Chinese language is one of the most complicated language to learn (just after Arabic and Hebrew) but also one of the “trendy” language these years. (more…)

龙年大吉 – Happy New Year


龙年大吉 – Lóng nián dàjí or 新年快乐 – Xīnnián kuàilè.

Rabbit’s Year will be over this Sunday and Dragon’s Year will start on Monday.

Ice Dragon - Happy New Year!

This is the second New Year Eve for me and a week far from China. (more…)

Business Trip – 深圳 Shenzhen


I am just back from a Business trip in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Newspaper - Gift in my hotel room

Above my occupation for one evening as I didn’t get my laptop anymore and was able to turn on television only after 1 hour (finally found the power button but all channels were in chinese).

More details as soon as I am back from my weekend in Harbin.

First post written in Chinese


I start today the Chinese section of my blog with the publication of the first post written with Chinese characters. After one month in Beijing, I have acquired some basics both on oral and writing.

The first post is still really simple. Find below the translation:


我叫 儒亮 (Julien) (more…)

Lost in Translation – Part 1


First post in Beijing to share my first difficulties. My post title refers to a famous film directed by Sofia Coppola where a man is completely lost in Tokyo. This is comparable to my experience on my first days here.

It is really confirmed that only few people know English in China. The Language Great Wall is on each street corner.

I took some pictures in the streets to illustrate my new daily life. (more…)

Learning some Chinese key phrases…


A small part of Chinese population can speak English today. The % evolves quickly with the new generations but you need to know that it is really complicated to live in Shanghai or Beijing without speaking Chinese Mandarin.

To break the language ‘Great Wall’, I have started couple of weeks ago to look at the Chinese language with different teaching aids (podcasts, learning online lessons, some books for ‘dummies’…). Learning a new language is not easy as you may know. This is also true and confirmed for Chinese. (more…)

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