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Memrise, a simple way to learn Chinese


Memrise logoThere is not particular secret or any magic formula to learn a new language.

Key points are often the same for any languages:

  • Motivation: some people are moving backward as soon as they need to go to their language classroom
  • Leave in the country : is it really possible to learn French from the US?
  • Have a good teacher and go to the courses
  • Define personal challenges: official exam, usage in the enterprise…

Chinese language is one of the most complicated language to learn (just after Arabic and Hebrew) but also one of the “trendy” language these years. (more…)

My Chinese name, 齐 儒 亮 : what is the sense?


Like every foreigners who want to work in China, I needed to find a Chinese name. My boss was keen to help me and gave me a proposal that I can’t decline.

He searched during several days for a name based on characters which are closed to my name ‘Julien’ and have a signification linked to my personality.

齐 儒 亮 (more…)

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