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Palawan Island, Philippines – Discovery of the back country


Bikers on the roadOur trip to Philippines was mainly focused on three topics: beach, sea and chill. We spent most of our time with our feet in the sand, on a boat, in the water or even underwater (post on scuba-diving is coming).

We decided to visit the back country of Palawan Island just for a pleasant change. We rent motorbikes to be able to move easily on our own.

First funny moment of this day: the motorbike rental lady asked us if we all got motorbike license; common answer was “of course no”. She said nothing and asked if we already ride a motorbike; same common answer “no, this is the first time today”. She said nothing again and showed us how to change gear and use brakes. At the end, she gave us bicycle helmets and said to pay attention to the motorbikes. :) (more…)

Philippines – Snorkeling and Sunbathing


Is the rock really flying?Our trip to Philippines was full of misfortunes but we also got unforgettable moments. We spent most of our time at El Nido on Palawan Island. This small town starts to develop tourism but it is still simple and authentic. Two concrete examples are that no ATM is available in town (only cash is accepted) and electricity is power off from 10am to 6pm to save energy.

It is a mandatory crossing point for travelers who want to discover surroundings and particularly, the Bacuit Archipelago.

This archipelago contains hundreds of small islands with incredible landscapes, beaches and underwater wildlife. Locals plan several tours from island to island to bring tourists to these amazing places. (more…)

Philippines – the adventures and misfortunes of 4 beijingers in a new country


Chinese New Year 2012 gave me the opportunity to travel again to my favorite destination for couple of years, South East Asia. I went with some French friends who lived in Beijing to Philippines, particularly Palawan Island.

This trip was a chance to rediscover the Backpacker spirit as this country is still under development and tourism is not comparable to countries like Thailand or Bali. We got really good time as we were all motivated to learn about a new culture and new environment.

Flying fish at our guesthouse

Something important to highlight is that all Philippinos can speak English. It was an incredible change compared to our tourism experiences in Beijing or around China. I’d never realized it but speak the same language can facilitate lot of things.

It didn’t prevent us accumulating misfortunes. ;) (more…)

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