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A letter, a word – A for… Adventure


It is always hard to leave our country, our daily life and our habits. This is what I did 2 years ago when I accepted a job offer from my company in Beijing, China.

Lot of people recommend to make enquiries on the new country, go and visit the potential new city and be ready for these big changes.

On my side, I decided to jump on the other side of our planet without good knowledge of this new country. Few weeks after agreeing with my company, I was on a plane to Beijing without clear return date.

I wanted adventure; I had adventures even few hours after landing in China… (more…)

Philippines – the adventures and misfortunes of 4 beijingers in a new country


Chinese New Year 2012 gave me the opportunity to travel again to my favorite destination for couple of years, South East Asia. I went with some French friends who lived in Beijing to Philippines, particularly Palawan Island.

This trip was a chance to rediscover the Backpacker spirit as this country is still under development and tourism is not comparable to countries like Thailand or Bali. We got really good time as we were all motivated to learn about a new culture and new environment.

Flying fish at our guesthouse

Something important to highlight is that all Philippinos can speak English. It was an incredible change compared to our tourism experiences in Beijing or around China. I’d never realized it but speak the same language can facilitate lot of things.

It didn’t prevent us accumulating misfortunes. ;) (more…)

Train travel around China – some tips and hits to experience an incredible adventure…


End of the road - back to Beijing Railway Station

China is incredibly vast and distance between 2 cities is most likely hundreds of kilometers rather than kilometers. It is easy to travel via air to reduce time travel but it can become rapidly expensive. That’s why several travelers prefer train travel. It gives the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing and also to discuss and share experiences with locals or other travelers.

Railway is highly developed in China and the government puts lot of money to continue this fast development (with potential troubles sometimes like the recent fast train crash in July).  (more…)

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