A short focus today on local cuisine with the latest series’ post: D for Dadong.

The beijingers will find quickly which location I refer when I mention this name; it will be a little bit harder for the others. The Dadong Restaurant is well known in the Chinese capital. It is one of the references to taste the Beijing’s specialty, the savory roasted duck.

The menu proposes the famous Beijing Roasted Duck and other delicious dishes. Those are modern cuisine plates with a specific focus on the presentation.

Famous Beijing Kaoya in Dadong Fruit for Desert in Dadong

The landlord owns 3 restaurants in Beijing (Tuanjiehu, Dongsishitiao, Jinbaohui) and an other in Zhengzhou. It has been several years that local medias in Beijing give awards to the place (2010 best restaurant in town for thebeijinger, 2011 best roast duck for TimeOut Beijing…). Famous travel guides also recommend the restaurant for a local dinner.

Starter in Dadong restaurant

On the other side, you should be really patient when you decide to go to this restaurant. You will wait between 1h and 1h30 before accessing to your table and enjoy your dinner (even longer on Fridays and Saturdays). You can book a table but I never understood how it works. Each time I went there, even if I made a reservation, they just put my name at the end of the queue list…

The official website is accessible here.