Third article in the new series, A letter A word, with the word Communism for the letter C. China is one of the latest country in the world where Communism is still the party which detains the power (with North Korea).

The initial model that Mao Zedong put in place in 1949 largely evolves but the Democratic Republic of China is still governed by the Communist party today. It is been more than 70 years than PCC controls with a “strong hand” the country.

In the eighties, under one other well-known personality in China, Den Xiaoping, the country started to slightly open to the outside world and began to make international commercial agreements. Those years shown the beginning of a huge economic growth that is still on-going now.

Today, Communism still controls the power but the persons in charge clearly understood that capitalist economy was necessary to support their country development. It is complicated to understand this from an outside point of view. How can they promote communism ideas and in the same time support capitalism in their enterprises?


This is not an easy topic to discuss with colleagues and local friends. Indeed, communication and information are controlled by the government and censorship is huge on medias, internet or social networks. Then, people are not well or sufficiently informed and sometimes even don’t care about this important question.

Few Chinese persons got their personal opinions on this question. This is incredible to see that those people worked previously abroad or in international companies. It seems that International relationships (initiated by Den Xiaoping) can open some eyes inside China.

They are often against government policies but can’t do lot of things at their own level. They thought that disparity between rich and poor people will cause bigger issues in the coming years. The “Chinese spring” may happen one day…