Cuandixia specific chinese characterMy Chinese school planned for all teachers and students a 1-day trip to visit Beijing suburbs. They chose an old local place, Cuandixia, located 90km west of Beijing.

This was a good opportunity, as I wanted to go to this local village for a long time and discover how was the local life in the past.

A bit of history before describing our trip: Cuandixia is a village that was founded by Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It counts approximately 500 traditional houses (which become today inns and restaurants).

The place is located in middle of mountains and the locals put in place some terrace fields to develop agriculture.

This location is also well known for their graffiti and slogans on houses’ walls in favor of Mao Zedong. They are part of latest real ones in China.

Pro Mao Zedong Slogan One of biggest alley in the village

The village visit can be done in few hours but several trek trails can bring you into magnificent mountains landscapes.

Old local house Old mill shared by farmers

As I traveled with my Chinese school, we only focused on the village. It was my first time with a Chinese tourist group and I got all “clichés” about Chinese tourism:

  • Several teachers got motion sickness in the bus (3hours in mountain roads)
  • Our local guide shout out in a mike
  • They took many photos with crazy poses
  • The first thing we did when we reached the site was to take our lunch instead of going around

Traditional way of cooking Small alley between houses

However, the trip was really good. The sky was incredibly blue. Not so many tourists were there except our large group. Moreover, it was snowy couple of days ago and lots of houses were still covered with white snow.

We inhale a breath of fresh air during our time there and I also made some progress in Chinese. This was the only language that most people of our group get in common. :)

View from the hill

Global view

More pictures are available on Flickr.