Bikers on the roadOur trip to Philippines was mainly focused on three topics: beach, sea and chill. We spent most of our time with our feet in the sand, on a boat, in the water or even underwater (post on scuba-diving is coming).

We decided to visit the back country of Palawan Island just for a pleasant change. We rent motorbikes to be able to move easily on our own.

First funny moment of this day: the motorbike rental lady asked us if we all got motorbike license; common answer was “of course no”. She said nothing and asked if we already ride a motorbike; same common answer “no, this is the first time today”. She said nothing again and showed us how to change gear and use brakes. At the end, she gave us bicycle helmets and said to pay attention to the motorbikes. :)

Locals who seat on our motorbikes Local farmer's house

After a tough start, we finally managed to go on the road with a bad printed map and some places to visit (waterfall, desert beach…)

First sensations were really good on the road after few kilometers and we really started to enjoy our trip. The official road suddenly stops and becomes a track with lot of rocks. We really decreased our speed and started to feel pain in our arms…

Rice fiels everywhere... The bikers crew

After some kilometers, we went through several small villages and we found out that we missed the different places where we initially planned to stop and the crossroad to go to the nice beach. We turned around and asked local to find out the right way to this place.

The beach is as described by the rental lady, white sand, long, magnificent and almost desert. We bathed with only 2 Russian couples who get the same information at the village.

Local lost in his mind Desert Beach - North of El Nido

Our lunch in a local restaurant closed to the beach was also perfect. We ate grilled shrimps, local vegetables and an enormous BBQ fish. The dishes were incredible in a so small local place…

We went back to the beach for a short nap and last swim before going back to El Nido on our motorbikes.

Local fisherman's house Rice fields and mountains

The scenery was grandiose with an incredible mix of colors: blue from the sky, green from rice fields and brown from the path. Moreover, the locals were incredibly friendly and said hello each time we passed by. The kids came close to us for big high five….

Incredible colours at sunshine

It was simply unforgettable for our riders (beginners at the beginning of the day and real bikers at the end :)). We enjoy riding the back country of this island and meeting the locals. This was the kind of day that you can only imagine in your dream and we lived it.

More pictures are available on Flickr.