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A letter, a word – B… for Beijing


Soldier in front of Forbidden City with his own umbrella
This word on my new series “A letter a word, China from A to Z” is most likely the one that I choose without hesitation. I surely select Beijing for this post.

Beijing is the symbol of my life in China. It highlights so many things in my memory: my first adventures in this amazing country, my first working place abroad but also the image of a multi-faceted city.

In few minutes, you can move from the atmosphere of any megalopolis in the world (NYC, London or Paris) to a street in the middle of a third-world country where misery can touch any sensitive people then come back to a middle-size city where locals eat, dance and sing in the streets.

This city has also an immense cultural background. Beijing was for many years and for many empire dynasties the official kingdom capital. All the sites are amazing: the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Lama Temple, and the Temple of Heaven… (more…)

A letter, A word – China from A to Z…


I got one new idea when I went through some basic guidebooks for my next travels. I should write about my life in China with simple words that can describe easily this country. I start from today new series that is called ‘A letter, A word – China from A to Z’.

I will try in 26 posts to share my view and my understanding of Chinese culture and way of life.

This is a funny and also strange idea as Chinese didn’t use letters from our alphabet to write their words. From the title of this new series, we can already see the big gap between our 2 cultures.

Words from some letters are easy to find and in all our minds (B…Beijing; T…Tiananmen) but some articles will be really surprising. More to come…

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