Lost in the middle of nowhere... Our trip in Malaysia had two main goals, adventure and sunbathing. We moved to Taman Negara National Park after a short stop in KL, Malaysia capital.

This park is one of the biggest in Malaysia and a nature reserve for several wild animals: rhinoceros, Malayan tiger or Asian elephant. It is also known as the oldest rain forest in the World.

Reach Kuala Tahan, national park main entrance and our base camp for 2 nights, was already an adventure. We rode a minibus from KL to Jerantut during 4 hours then jumped in a tiny boat at Jerantut jetty to sail up Tahan River during more than 2 hours.

It allowed us to enjoy the scenery with an incredible mix of colors: blue from the sky, green from the jungle and yellow of the river water. However, wild animals were rare because our boat engine was really noisy. (more…)