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Incredible China – example 23: heat in the factory!


Winter is coming but temperatures are still high in Southern China. One of my friends just sent me couple of pictures from his industry.

The workers decided to implement their own air conditioning system to reduce the incredible heat inside their factory; ice in a bucket.

Air conditioning in a factory


哈尔滨 Harbin, city of the North…


Lonely man in Songhua River January is well known as one of the worst month to live in north China as the wind from Siberia brings icy air.
The temperature in Beijing is rarely more than 0 degree on sunny days. How should it be to live in Northern provinces of China?

This was to answer this question that I got the idea to go to Harbin 哈尔滨 in Heilongjiang province (Black Dragon’s River). I really wanted to do this travel to be able to see the famous Ice Festival which is every year in this northern city; the cold was more a constraint than a desire…

To live a real immersion in a Chinese life, I decided to go alone and used Couchsurfing (website to find friends who can accommodate you; for free). I had the luck to find a friendly Chinese family who accept to accommodate me for the weekend. (more…)

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