If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably decided to take that big step: You want to go East. In that case: Congratulations! Your decision will allow you to learn and experience the world from a totally different point of view.

At this point, you probably even know to which Chinese city you would be going to. However, if you still haven’t decided, still hesitating whether or not you should move to China like Julien or would like to see if there’s any information that might convince you on another option, then keep on reading.

Two Options, Two Profiles.

Bird's Nest with the moon Before thinking about doing a pros and cons list, here’s a brief overview of the main contenders (China is a big country and it has many other cities, but as you can probably tell, these 2 are the biggest). Let us begin with China’s capital: Beijing. Formerly known in the western world as Peking, Beijing is a city located at the north eastern side of the country. It has a population of over 19 million and is naturally the nation’s political and cultural center. It was also the country’s host city for the 2008 Olympics, which promoted its modernization. Shanghai is China’s largest city (over 23 million) and is located in China’s central east coast. Its connection to the ocean turned it into a major trading city, making it now China’s definitive industrial and economic powerhouse. (more…)