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爨底下 Cuandixia, an old village in Beijing suburbs


Cuandixia specific chinese characterMy Chinese school planned for all teachers and students a 1-day trip to visit Beijing suburbs. They chose an old local place, Cuandixia, located 90km west of Beijing.

This was a good opportunity, as I wanted to go to this local village for a long time and discover how was the local life in the past.

A bit of history before describing our trip: Cuandixia is a village that was founded by Ming dynasty (1368-1644). It counts approximately 500 traditional houses (which become today inns and restaurants).

The place is located in middle of mountains and the locals put in place some terrace fields to develop agriculture.

This location is also well known for their graffiti and slogans on houses’ walls in favor of Mao Zedong. They are part of latest real ones in China. (more…)

Incredible China – example 17: Kinder Egg


I was really astonished when I discovered a “laughing cow” box written in Chinese in the mini-market closed to my apartment. New surprise yesterday when I found one of my favorite sweets in Europe, the Kinder Egg.

Kinder Egg

I was able to get my “chocolate fixes” buying some Kinder Bueno in European food markets but I never saw Kinder Surprise… (more…)

Incredible China – example 16: Mugs and cups for all!


Snapshot from my Beijing life is back after a long break… I went to 798, the art center neighborhood this weekend and I met again this strange street vendor. He has every kind of cups: tea cup, coffee cup, mugs…

People seemed really interested and I understood why when I asked for the price – 3 pieces for 10 yuans, this is a good deal! If you are lucky, you can manage to find 3 pieces from the same set. :)

I met these vendors on all famous and popular streets around Beijing: Nanloguxiang, 798, Gulou….

黄花城 Huang Hua Cheng – New trip on the Great Wall


Renovated wall to protect against invadersI decided once again to visit the Great Wall last May during the visit of my sister and her boyfriend in Beijing. The new spot that we selected is called Huang Hua Chang, the Yellow Flower City.

As I did during my first trip, we chose a wild part of the Wall which is not officially open to tourists. This site, located 60 km North of Beijing is really nice with a big water reservoir in the bottom of the valley.

The architecture of this section is reflecting the Ming Emperors’ reigns. Chinese government started to renovate it couple of years ago but it was canceled after few months of working. The Wall is in a good shape; it allows us to walk on it without big risks. (more…)

Incredible China – example 15: IKEA is also in China…


Incredible China is back to share some snapshots of my life in Beijing. This weekend, I went to the famous Swedish furniture store, IKEA known here as 宜家家局 (Yi Jia Jia Ju). They have been implemented in China since few years. It seems that their business is doing fine as the shop was really crowded.

Ikea made in China - 宜家家居

The furnitures, products and even the department stores are the same than Europe. However, the customers got different habits during their visits to the store. (more…)

What’s wrong in Beijing?


We got incredible weather in Beijing since few days. The sky was blue, the temperature was really pleasant and the air was breathable.

Yesterday might be the best day in Beijing since my arrival one year ago. I enjoyed my evening with couple of friends on a roof terrace. It was not so cold, not so hot, just good. Even the stars were shining…

Blue sky in Beijing - is something wrong?

Pollution level broke low level record in the afternoon.

Fortunately, everything is back this morning. The sky is grey, the visibility is pretty bad and the pollution air index reaches its usual level (bit dangerous for health)… Phew, we are in Beijing!

Incredible China – example 13: waste collector after a long day


Today “Incredible China” describes one of my daily encounters. This story is often presented into photos or TV reportages when they speak about Asia.

I took a quick shot of these people who recycle any kind of things to make a bit of money.

Chiffonier who recycles cartons and plastic (more…)

Incredible China – example 12: dishwashing liquid


“Incredible China” moments are back with a new topic, dishwashing liquid.

Chinese dishwashing liquid

I had a close look to my dishwashing bottle earlier today and I noticed that one the major usage is to clean vegetables and fruits. I didn’t have the idea to clean my fruits with something else than water before this weekend. :/ (more…)

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