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Arsenal and Manchester City in Bird’s Nest


European football teams come regularly to Asia to play some friendly games and especially develop their popularity in this part of the World. The major English teams came to China this month to prepare the new season.

Bird's Nest from the Top

Arsenal and Manchester City played a preparation game last Friday at the Bird’s Nest, 2008 Olympic Games Stadium in Beijing. One friend got some invitations thanks to her company who get a box at the stadium. (more…)

Olympic Park Visit – Bird’s Nest and Water Cube


The Olympic Park is one of the most visited sites in Beijing following 2008 Olympic Games. This site groups together two of the famous Olympic Games places – Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.

2 visits can be done on this site :

  • during the day with a visit inside the buildings (fee entrance for Water Cube is 30 RMB and for Bird’s Nest is 50 RMB)
  • at night for a walk in the park and around these 2 famous places

Bird's Nest with the moon

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