Incredible China – example 24 : Delivery man in Shanghai street…


Chinese snapshot is back with this incredible picture that was taken by one of my friend in Shanghai streets.


I shared last year one waste collector in Beijing streets that transport huge amount of garbages. This one beats all records.

Do you have any idea how he can drive? I personally don’t know… :)

A letter, a word – G for… Guoan


Guoan… Beijing Guoan… Beijing Guoan… This song is what you can hear when you go to Gongti (Worker’s Stadium in English) to see a football game.

Beijing Guoan (北京国安) is Beijing local team who plays in Chinese League 1. This club was founded in 1992. It is regularly in top3 ranking but without winning lot of competitions (league, cups…) even if a big founding capital company is main sponsor.

I had the chance to go several times to Gongti to see a CSL game (Chinese League). Players’ skills are quite low but the ambiance is amazing. For safety reasons, Stadium is limited to 55 000 persons even it was built for more than 70 000. Even so, the spectacle is astonishing. (more…)

PostcodeHK – new expatriate daily life in HK


Lilie finally decided to leave her Parisian hipster life and start a new adventure in Hong Kong. She took her young girl and followed her husband to live in this amazing city.

She started few days after landing to write on her daily life and discoveries.

Direct access to her blog through this link:

It brought me back to my first weeks in Beijing when everything was amazing and incredible.

I suggest that you start reading her portrait to know more about this talented writer and then go smoothly around in the different sections.

Hope to see u soon Lilie! :)

Happy Horse Year! 马年来啦!


Funny video with the adorable creatures from the Despicable Me movie.

马年来啦!(Ma Nian Lai La) :)

马上快乐 (Ma Shang Kuai Le) – Happy Horse Year!

Is it really impossible/complicated to watch a Foreign movie in China?


We often hear these buzz words about China: censorship, Great Firewall, forbidden contents… Is it so complicated to watch an American movie here?

It is true that only few foreign movies are released in Chinese theaters. This number is increasing every year but it is still under government control. Some of them are forbidden, some others are partially censored (scenes cuts)…

Moreover, TV Channels main programs are almost completely locals (info, sport, series or historical movies). CCTV sometimes broadcasts foreign movies (in English with Chinese subtitles) but those movies are bit old.

It seems complicated to watch latest American blockbusters (Spiderman 3, Thor…). Is it really true?

I got a clear answer to this question: NO! I have 2 ways to access this content: (more…)

慕田峪 Mutianyu, another visit to the Great Wall


Sun & Autumn in MutianyuWinter is coming so I spent more time inside and I had a look at my old photo albums. I was impressed by the pictures of my latest visit to the Great Wall in 慕田峪 Mutianyu.

This site is one of the most visited after Badaling as it is not so far from Beijing City Centre. It is located on BJ North East (approximately 70km; 1h30 drive in car).

This part of the Wall was built in the middle of 6th century during the North Qi dynasty (older than Badaling section). The actual Wall, built mainly with granite, was constructed by the Ming Dynasty builders (14th century) on top of the previous wall.

It is 7-8 meters high and the top is 4–5 meters wide. (more…)

A letter, a word – F for… Fuwuyuan (服务员)


Fuwuyuan preparing a noodle dish in Cuandixia

服务员 – Fu Wu Yuan

This word is one of the first that I learned when I arrived in China. It is for sure included in the top 10 ‘Survival Chinese’ words that all expatriates learn but I think that I cover it only after one year during my official Chinese courses.

What does it means?

The official translation is ‘waiter’. All persons who work in a bar or restaurant are called ‘fuwuyuan’.

Why do we learn this as soon as we reach China?

After few days, I clearly understand that English and polite words are unsuccessful in restaurants. The only way to have the waiter’s attention is to shout ‘fuwuyuan’.

Only calling them is not sufficient as people on the other tables will shout at them ‘fuwuyuan, fuwuyuan…’.

It appears disconcerting and disrespectful for the people working in bars & restaurants but it becomes quickly a habit. This is for several years a cultural tradition and set in everybody’s mind. (more…)

A letter, a word – E for… E-commerce

0 ad in Beijing subway

We often heard in Europe that e-commerce will boom in the coming years and its potential is high. China market is one more time really advances on this topic. Buying online is already well known by Chinese netizens.

To answer numerous customers’ demands, e-commerce companies start to become multinational companies that can manage suppliers, freight transportation and home delivery.

Deliverymen are every morning in front of offices to bring their latest deliveries to customers. This is usual to see colleagues go down twice a week in our building to get their new gadgets from deliveryman.

The most famous e-commerce website in China is but I will write about it in an other dedicated post (most probably on the letter T… :) ). I spent so much time on Taobao that I got many stories to share.

It represents today more than 50 % of sells in China so the rivals have tough challenges to remain alive.

The principal contenders are: (more…)

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