I already had some good relationship with the Hutong School organisation in the past. I published couple of articles written by them in my blog last year (eg. Beijing vs Shanghai battle).

They support people learning Chinese language, looking for local internships and opportunities in China. They plan a webinar next month in order to provide some tips to new comers, students or more experience people that want to move in and live the “Chinese dream”.

Don’t hesitate to register, join and ask any questions that you have in mind. They are really supportive and it is totally free of charge.

Webinar: How to get a job in China?

Time: Tuesday May 13th, 2014, 20:00 CEST


  • Tools and Channels to search for a job in China
  • Salary Expectations
  • Legal & Tax Implications
  • Chinese corporate culture
  • Accommodation

Duration: 1hour: online presentation + Q&A
Software: There is no special software required for the webinar, only a web browser and headset.
Registration: Please register before. Reserve your spot quickly – the webinar is limited to 100 participants. Attendance is free.

Register here!

For more information visit: http://www.hutong-school.com