Sun & Autumn in MutianyuWinter is coming so I spent more time inside and I had a look at my old photo albums. I was impressed by the pictures of my latest visit to the Great Wall in 慕田峪 Mutianyu.

This site is one of the most visited after Badaling as it is not so far from Beijing City Centre. It is located on BJ North East (approximately 70km; 1h30 drive in car).

This part of the Wall was built in the middle of 6th century during the North Qi dynasty (older than Badaling section). The actual Wall, built mainly with granite, was constructed by the Ming Dynasty builders (14th century) on top of the previous wall.

It is 7-8 meters high and the top is 4–5 meters wide.

This site is really beautiful as it is in the middle of the Nature. It is surrounded by amazing vegetation. It becomes even more beautiful in autumn with the yellow and red leaves that appear.

Mutianyu Plan Alone in the Mutianyu's stairs

Mutianyu Wall is an official tourist site promoted by Beijing government. Tourists need to pay an entry fee (ticket: 45 RMB) to access the site. A cable car is available for lazy people and a street luge is installed on the top for adventurers.

Mutianyu's Cable Car Mutianyu Great Wall

I recommend this visit for people who have one day to visit the Great Wall. It is less crowded, more natural than Badaling and not so complicated to access. All tour operators in Beijing and around China include this destination; it is also possible to go there using public transport but it can be a bit long…

Ascent to Mutianyu's top

One Guard Tower in Mutianyu
Tips for next visitors:

  • One way in Cable Car 60 RMB
  • Round ticket in Cable Car 80 RMB
  • Street luge 80 RMB

More pictures are available on Flickr.