logo CtripA French lady, a Ctrip representative, who recently discovered my blog, contacted me few days ago.

She read my initial blog post (French version) that presented the famous Ctrip website and suggested me to promote latest news & offers on their site.

As Ctrip helped me and other “laowais” (expatriates who live in China) to visit this amazing country, I agree to publish a new article referencing this information.

So Ctrip, what do you plan to bring to your customers in the coming weeks?

  • Fast train tickets (home delivery is the only way to receive the tickets for now in almost all major cities in China; except Beijing and Guangzhou)
  • Low cost airplanes tickets are now available (operated by Spring Airline and Jet Star, the biggest low cost agency in Asia-Pacific)
  • A mobile application (Android and iOS) will be published end of September and will promote airplane tickets and hotels reservation
  • Discounts are available for Ctrip members (register online) on several hotels in China. A direct 100 rmb discount is applied if members use their PayPal account to book a hotel.
  • Website design will be revamped soon
  • More and more languages are supported on the site: French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese and Russian. Before March 2012, only Chinese and English were supported.
  • Newsletters in Japanese, Korean, French and Russian are sent once a month to share latest news and offers

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Thanks Ctrip to share these news and updates on your services! Hope that you can support and help more and more the strangers who travel around China…