It is always hard to leave our country, our daily life and our habits. This is what I did 2 years ago when I accepted a job offer from my company in Beijing, China.

Lot of people recommend to make enquiries on the new country, go and visit the potential new city and be ready for these big changes.

On my side, I decided to jump on the other side of our planet without good knowledge of this new country. Few weeks after agreeing with my company, I was on a plane to Beijing without clear return date.

I wanted adventure; I had adventures even few hours after landing in China…

I think that I went there a bit too confident. My first hours in Beijing were really arduous and knocked me out. I quickly understood that I will live some amazing adventures (tough and/or funny) in this country. First adventure happened on my way out of the airport, the taxi driver was not able to locate the hotel that my company recommended. We drove during 30min in the neighborhood to finally find it. Moreover, the guy was not able to speak a word in English. I finally reached the hotel but it was the same situation, none of the staff members speak English and they never heard about any booking on my name. It was a lot to take after only 2 hours in China…

I won’t go into details of my experiences in the first days to go around, try to find some food and then be able to rent an apartment.

You don’t need to look for adventures in China; the daily life is an adventure… Since April 2011, the time went so fast as I continuously discovered new things. Cultural habits are so different; it didn’t happen a day without surprise or bizarre story for our expatriate mind.

I think that this week word, Adventure is definitely the good one to start this new series on my life in China. It is for my friends and I definitely the right word to describe our lives in this amazing country, even if they were here for few days or settled down for years… Nothing happens as scheduled in China… :)