A quick zoom on local street food with one of the traditional Chinese snack, 煎饼 or JianBing.

This snack is regularly sold to locals for their breakfast. It is a fried crepe made of a batter of wheat and grain flour, a fried egg and some scallions. The cooker adds a small crunchy biscuit called Baocui, 薄脆, a bit of coriander and some sauces following the customers’ taste (thick soya, spicy…).

He finally folds the crepe several times and inserts it in a small plastic bag.

Local cooker in Subway station JianBing in its plastic bag

I presented couple of months ago on this blog the Guanbing, a thick crepe with an egg and piece of salad. The taste is similar but with less oily and greasy.

You can find these vendors every morning closed to the well known places and outside crowded subway stations. This is a good breakfast for a really modest price, 4 yuans… :)