Our trip to Malaysia ended in Pulau Perhentian after few days trekking in Taman Negara National Park.

These Islands, only accessible by boat from Kuala Besut, are located in North East of Malaysia (40 km from the Thailand border). The 2 main islands, Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar, are occupied and opened to tourism.

Perhentian seaside Amazing transparent blue water

We decided to reside in the west side of the biggest island, Perhentian Besar, in a resort named Reef Chalet. This resort gets several individual bungalows with a direct access and view on the beach. This is amazing to wake up in the morning in this kind of paradise or at night to nod off with the waves. It doesn’t get it owns restaurant but plenty of other places are available around for breakfast, lunch and diners.

Bungalow directly on the beach View from our bungalow

We selected these islands for their beautiful beaches, the transparent blue sea but above all the underwater wildlife. Our trip was regulated by the nearby dive center timetable.

A floating boat? Perhentian main beach

We dived with Pro’s Divers World dive center. They just changed the owner couple of weeks ago so it was under renovation but everything went really well. As every dive centers in Asia that I visited, we met friendly French speaker staff (one French guy and a new comer from Spain), we had good quality equipment and the boatmen knew their dive sites without hesitation. I highly recommend them if you want to dive in Perhentian.

Our dive center - Dive's with the Pros

Moreover, it was low season for tourism so the number of other divers was limited. We got our dive guide for ourselves during the all week. The number of other divers on the boat was no more than 4 or 5 during these days.

Clown Fishes far from their anemone Some plate corals

Sugar Wreck - abundant fishes We stayed 5 days in Perhentian Besar and did 8 dives. Our planning was usually following these steps: we started our day with a big breakfast then go for a first dive. After coming back to the hotel, we had our lunch and did a short nap on the beach before a second dive in the afternoon.

Our day finished with a short swim on the awesome beach closed to our hotel and a diner (BBQ fishes and fresh fruit juices) with our feet on the sand.

We still nowadays can live a happy life with only simple things… :)

I also did with my first wreck dive in Sugar Wreck site. It was impressive how a big boat that should float can become a real ecosystem for corals and fishes.

Our best dives happened in the most famous Perhentian’s dive site, Tokong Laut. This coral pinnacle is a real fish paradise. We made our final dive there and came back with stars in our eyes… Amazing!

Anemone Fish

More pictures are available on Flickr.