I already presented in a previous post several websites which need to be known by expatriates who live in Beijing. I want today to add one site to this list for music fan that are not be able to speak Chinese, Sendmetickets.com.

It is always complicated to get one ticket for a concert or a festival in town. Dates are always published late as the schedule is often updated (change on the place, cancellation…). Tickets are available in some bars only few days before the date.

Some people got an interesting idea to help us, expatriates in Beijing: deliver these tickets to our door.

Indeed, it is possible in China to get delivery for anything that you can purchase online or by telephone: pizza, hamburgers, electronic stuff, vegetables…

It is easy to go online and order them but the delivery can be though sometimes for people who can’t speak Chinese as deliveries are managed by locals. This is here that Sendmetickets bring an improvement. They use foreign guys (who speak English) to deliver your order.

This is a good concept that should expand to other kind of services in a near future. I am sure that other people already started to think about it for delivering pizzas… :)