Bicycle Park on Wudaokou streetBeijing was well known during past time for a city full of bicycles. It was during a long period the most popular way to move from one point to another as the city is really flat. Today, the amount of bikers reduces a bit as cars, scooters or electric bikes are more popular.

I hesitated on my first summer here in Beijing to buy a bike, green way of moving in the city, but I just followed the trend and used taxis that we can find easily on any corner street. Winter time started so my desire to discover the city on a bike totally disappeared. By the way, it is funny to see the impressive difference between summer and winter on the bicycle paths here…

Spring just started couple of weeks ago; I had the chance to enjoy, as a passenger on my friend’s electric bike, Beijing streets with a nice weather and my desire came back again.

I finally got the opportunity to get my own bike thanks to one colleague who wins it during our company lottery for Chinese New Year. She didn’t need it so she accepted to sell it to me at a good price (hopefully, as she didn’t pay for it ;))

My own bicycle

After few runs on it, it is clear that riding a bike in Beijing is incomparable to any known experience in Europe. Firstly, my wheels are so small that I can forget to go fast. Then, even if lots of bicycle paths are available, the traffic is uncontrollable. Several people are going on the wrong way; cars are parked everywhere or even cruise in the paths… Of course, nobody follow the traffic rules and I need to pay attention at each cross-way and any car horn.

Riding a bike in this city is fortunately pleasant when sun is shining and sky is blue. You get quickly used to the traffic local rules… :)

Bicycle mechanic - his shop is the street! Bicycle is everywhere in Beijing

It seems that to be considered as a real Beijinger, you should have your bike or scooter robbed at least one time. Interesting topic for a next post?