Once again, after few visits to Xiangshan, my company brought me outside Beijing to discover a new destination during our “team building” event. We went this time to 京东大峡谷 – Jīng dōng dà xiágǔ, also known in English as Jing Dong Grand Canyon.

Hole in the Cliff

This canyon is located 80 km North East of Beijing. It is well known for its steep mountains, deep valleys and nice landscapes. Inside the canyon are green hills, clear waters, caves, deep natural pools and plunging waterfalls.

Real Nature Waterfall

This trip was planned to go out of the City for avoiding the constant air pollution and the increasing heat at beginning of summer period. We had warm temperatures and an incredible blue sky.

"The Plank Roads", a chain-bridge hanged directly on the mountain Walk along “The Plank Roads”, a chain-bridge hanged directly on the mountain.

We walked the all afternoon after a nice lunch in a typical old Chinese house located at the entrance of the valley. As always with Chinese people, we did some strange attractions during our walk in the middle of the mountain: bumper cars, boat ride, water battle…

We didn’t have enough time to reach the peak of the mountain during this limited time (also accessible with an incredibly old cable car) but it seems that some good hiking paths can be find in this green land…

Nice reflexion on natural pool Beautiful walkway

Note: To visit only if you live in Beijing and want to do something different. To avoid if you are a tourist and want to enjoy sightseeing, so many other places are more interesting…