Is the rock really flying?Our trip to Philippines was full of misfortunes but we also got unforgettable moments. We spent most of our time at El Nido on Palawan Island. This small town starts to develop tourism but it is still simple and authentic. Two concrete examples are that no ATM is available in town (only cash is accepted) and electricity is power off from 10am to 6pm to save energy.

It is a mandatory crossing point for travelers who want to discover surroundings and particularly, the Bacuit Archipelago.

This archipelago contains hundreds of small islands with incredible landscapes, beaches and underwater wildlife. Locals plan several tours from island to island to bring tourists to these amazing places.

Nice wild beach Wild Vegetation on the beach

During our first day at El Nido, we privatized a boat with couple of Canadians that we met on our way to El Nido and asked the captain to drop off us on an incredible beach. We spent half day to enjoy sun, sand and warm water (28 degrees).

After swimming few minutes to go round an immense rock, we landed on a desert beach, unvisited by tourist as the access by boat was not possible. One local lives there with only few things in a wood shack.

It was really pleasant as we were less than 10 people on this beach during several hours until the end of the afternoon when the tour boats arrived to our beach. It was fully crowded during one hour (time for rest for our band) and then they all left to go back to El Nido. We finished our day on this beach enjoying the sunset. Our captain brought us back almost in the dark but he was really familiar with the coast.

Tourists' boats just landed on our beach Sunset in El Nido

Our second day was a bit different as we booked an Island tour with our hostel. The beaches were really amazing but the number of other boats sailing around was disappointing. It really reduces the wildness of these places.

The first site, Secret Beach, was the most surprising; the beach was only accessible via a hole in the cliff.

Local fishermen's houses in El Nido Beach with amazing water colours

One of the unforgettable moments of our day was the lunch on a small beach. Our boatman prepared a small BBQ on the sand and cooked delicious fishes and sea food. A delight for our stomachs after half day snorkeling!

Incredible BBQ lunch on the beach

The underwater wildlife was not so impressive. The corals were nice but the fish’s species were limited. I will come back to this on my next post about scuba diving in El Nido…

More pictures are available on Flickr.