Scorpions and Starfish sticksWangfujing is a must see during a trip to Beijing. It is an incredible mix between modernity with ultra-modern malls and old history with food snack markets.

All luxury brands decided to open a shop (or several) in this street which became, as Sanlitun Village, a reference for luxury shoppers.

The street also contains the biggest foreign bookstore (most of the books are in english but it is at least better than Chinese bookstores…) and one of the biggest church in town, St Joseph’s Church.

Wangfujing is also well known by tourists for its street food market, Dong’anmen Night Market. It is possible to find stick of any kind of food: snake, octopus, worms, starfish…

St Joseph's Church Access to Wangfujing from the North

All sticks, dumplings or noodles only cost couple of yuans so adventurer should not avoid this experience.

Scorpions are still alive on their sticks and they move their tails and pliers before the shop owner put them on the oil to be fried. It is part of the spectacle and all tourists (either chinese or foreigners) come to take pictures and move back as soon as the owner suggest them to eat one. :)

Several choices of sticks in Wangfujing Octopus for lunch or dinner?

It is a tourist place and local taxi drivers well understand this. They wait at the end of the street and ask for incredible price to drive you home. They refuse to use the meter. I recommend to go East with the subway to avoid this trap or walk West to Tiananmen and the Forbidden City. The walk inside small hutongs is really nice.

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