Zoom today on street food with the common Chinese breakfast: 鸡蛋灌饼, JiDanGuanBing or GuanBing, one crepe with a egg, some herbs and a spicy sauce to give some taste.

Find below a word-by-word explanation of the name:

  • Ji: chicken
  • Dan: egg
  • Guan: to close or to pour (though this should be changed to ‘super yummy’)
  • Bing: breakfast type wrap

This breakfast is really common across China, it is often that GuanBing vendors are outside subway exits to sell their products.

The street vendor is only present for morning hours. To cook one GuanBing, he mixes some pancake batter with one egg and some herbs on a oily hot plate. After few minutes, he adds two kind of sauce (depending on your tastes), one spicy and one soja sauce. He folds the crepe and adds a lettuce leaf.

Chinese street food vendor - Guanbing

The vendor puts the GuanBing on a small plastic bag as it is really oily and hot (to protect customer’s hands). Ready to eat! Moreover, the price is only 2.5 yuans (0.30 Euro cents).

Chinese breakfast

When I don’t have enough time to take breakfast at home, I like to buy one Guanbing. Note that it should not become a daily breakfast as it is a little fat… :)