An expat life is always special thanks to new people that you can meet every day. A short story about last Sunday: we played football with several foreigners then some gathered altogether.

Several players decided to have lunch together in a nice place after our tournament. Around my table, we were approximately 10 persons: 2 French (including me), 2 Danish, 1 Swedish, 1 Romanian, 1 Finish and 2 Brits. What a cosmopolite mix in Beijing, China!

It was a really interesting afternoon where we addressed the common topics (football, our different lifes and experiences in China) but some other unconventional topics have also been raised (Politics in Northern Europe Countries, night life in Romania…)

We also discussed about Chinese Police as one of the guy in the bar has his bike stolen. We got the full debrief with the policemen and also the CCTV camera video to find out the robber. The Chinese policeman took a picture with his phone as a proof to confirm the thievery…. Yes, we are still in China!

This day is a perfect example of an expat life with a football tournament with new guys that you can call friends at the end of the day. ;)