October is one the best period to live in Beijing. The summer warmth is gone and the first snowfall has not been announced yet.

I think that it was the first time this weekend that I was able to see the stars and the moon from a rooftop bar in Sanlitun. The sky has been really blue since few days, it is a big change compared to the heat and the air pollution during the summer time.

Sanlitun, The Village with incredible blue sky

Is it really normal? I heard in the same time that Beijing Marathon was scheduled this weekend. It seems that the government decided to close during several days some industries in the neighborhood to improve air quality. They already did that during 2008 Olympics Game. Nothing official wa released in the news but it seems possible.

Adidas Store in Sanlitun Village - specific ad for Beijing Marathon

October timeframe + Wind + Help from the government = Sunny days in Beijing! :)

Blue sky in Beijing's center