Old Dragon's Head - Lao long tou

July is one of the hotter month in Beijing with really high temperatures. We wanted to avoid this climate during one weekend and go to the seaside for a quick swim.

Our inital plan was to go to Qingdao city which is really well known due to the Tsintao brewery but we had to change our destination after experiencing some troubles with the local railway company – let’s go to Shanhaiguan in Heibei province for 2 days!

First problem: we can’t buy our returning tickets in Beijing. You need to be on the departure station to be able to buy tickets from this station. As soon as we arrived in Shanhaiguan, we went to the ticket office to be sure that we can have tickets for Sunday night. We wait in a long queue during more than 30 minutes to learn as the end that all seat tickets have been sold. We got only stand-up tickets – like in the subway during 2h30… :(

Second problem: there is only one hotel which accept foreigners in this city. They used to have expensive prices for low quality rooms (what’s a good business). We bargained during 40min to find a deal at 300 RMB / night for a 3 beds room. As we were 4, we shared our beds for this night :(

First day – Shanhaiguan discovery

As the sky was grey, we decided to go to the beack on Sunday and go for a tourist discovery on Saturday. We went to Laolongtou, most famous place in Shanhaiguan (Ticket: 50 RMB) where the Great Wall met the Sea. The legend says that the Great Wall continued into the sea for more than 25m. We were not able to confirm as everything has been rebuilt couple of years ago.

Old Dragon's Head (Laolongtou) from the beach Crew in Laolongtou beach

I didn’t recommend the Great Wall museum in front of Laolongtou. It was boring and each piece were in laminated wood. A tourist trap for 30 RMB…

Stone tower in Laolongtou aera Laolongtou temple

Our night was divided into two main activities: we had a dinner first in the streets of Shanhaiguan then we moved to the neighbor city called Qinghuangdao to discover night life. We were a bit disappointed as we only found a crossroads with 3 open bars. We selected the only one with music band and enjoyed our night.

Typical chinese barbecue restaurant in Shanhaiguan streets Hutong in Shanhaiguan city


Second day – enjoying the sea and visit to an amusement park

As we failed to find a cab to go to the beach, we had the time to visit some hutongs in our hotel area. After 1 hour walk, we got one and asked him to drive us to a big aquatic park that we discovered on an ad the day before. The driver seemed a bit confused on our choice and we finally understood that this place was more than 70km away from Shanhaiguan. New plan, we decided to go to the local Amusement Park. :)

It was a good choice as our day was really great and sunny with some aquatics games (water slides, waterfall, swimming-pools…), a nice afternoon on the beach and some amusement attractions (roller-coaster and high sensation ride). No picture are available as we stayed all day in swimsuits… :)

Our way back to Beijing was at scheduled pretty hard without seat tickets. We stayed in the club-car with lot of other people. Everybody seated/lay on their luggage or on the floor. Fortunately, this week-end was really relaxing and revitalizing before a new week of work in this crazy city called Beijing..

End of the road - back to Beijing Railway Station