Trek on the farmer's path

I spent one of my latest week-ends in Shidu (100 km South West of Beijing). This site is still unknown for foreigner tourists but highly recommended by Beijingers to spend few days far from the Capital city.

Several Chinese colleagues motivated us to go to this place for a week-end using some good keywords : nature, mountains or aquatic activities.

This was how a group of ten people met at Beijing Railway Station early Saturday morning to catch a train to Bailixia (small town on Shidu Valley).

I tried to summarize the weekend but it was a long and boring text for those who didn’t come. To be more interesting, I want to share some pictures and short comments which are symbolizing our weekend.

Chinese train - overcrowded First surprise with train travel – stand-up during 2h30, worst than Beijing subway…

Water game on small boats

Bamboo boats that we can’t pilot due to strong wind

Fire during our BBQ Party

The Classic Chinese KTV… :)

Shuttlecock, old traditional chinese game

It was really good to disconnect few days from Beijing and its noisy streets and go into the nature… Everyone thought at the end that we went out several days even though we left Beijing for less than 48 hours :).

The Team: Rudolf, Louis, MingMing, Lisa, Flo, Xiaoyi, Ju, Sara et Franky