A new amazing weekend in Beijing with the Great Wall Music Festival, electronic music festival with more than 30 DJs. Special guest this year was Fatboy Slim, famous english DJ. :)

The scenery of this festival was incredible as the organizers decided to install their different stages on the foot of the Badaling Great Wall (north of Beijing).

As always in China, they had some troubles with the organization. Few examples below:

  • they sold two different ticket (with or without bus transport) but any control has been done on the bus
  • the organizers continued to install the main stage after several DJS already finished their set
  • No drinks have been allowed at the entrance (even water bottle) but the control was not rigorous (fortunately)

These minor issues have not stopped us to party until late. The night was crazy with the french team. Fatboy Slim’s set was really good (interrupted with some electricity cuts… Welcome in China :() and contained music video clip based on his sound.

Bad point – Entrance to the Great Wall was not part of our initial ticket (50 RMB) so we stayed on the grass and enjoyed the sun.